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Happy New Year

As 2018 comes to an end, we look back at another exciting year. We were fortunate to enjoy two trips to Morocco and a visit to Istanbul. In addition we had the opportunity to visit Vietnam, the UAE, the Bahamas and Florida, USA. A few of our favourite Moroccan places are highlighted in this blog. Thank

Treasures from Faraway Lands

Morocco is a mystical country steeped in unique culture and landscape, full of surprises and ancient wonders. On our journeys this year we travelled from Berber villages to city hubs. Visiting medieval centres, with cobbled streets and narrow twisting alleyways. We walked sandy beaches and climbed the ramparts in fortified harbour towns. We saw the

Wearable Art

Shopping is one of the big drawcards of any visit to Morocco and shopping for jewellery becomes a part of any Moroccan experience. We call Moroccan Jewellery Wearable Art, as each piece is unique and embodies the character and the beauty that is Morocco.   The Jewish silversmiths took refuge in Morocco from Spain in 1492 and

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