Acacia Wood mirror

Wooden Mirror inlaid with silver, copper and bronze

This stunning wooden Mirror inlaid with silver, copper and bronze metals, has been hand carved by the Tuareg artisans. The Acacia wood has been stained in a vegetable dye and has also been handcarved in diamond patterns. This has resulted in a stunning snakeskin effect. There is extensive Tuareg carving on all the silver metal work, on this beautiful mirror. The designs are typical of the Tuareg tribes people of North Africa. The symbols also represent nature and the Sahara desert. The artisan would have used an engraving tool to create the designs on this unique mirror. The Tuareg people were the craftspeople of North Africa. They traditionally produced the armsfor warriors, tools for agriculture and also beautiful pieces for home decoration, such as this mirror. The Tuareg people from the central Sahara region of Morocco, were traditionally livestock herders for thousands of years.  Smaller sized mirrors such as this, were popular as they were portable and could be easily moved from home to home. The mirror back is also covered with supple camel skin leather. This is a unique piece of Moroccan craftsmanship. The age of this lovely mirror is unknown.


17.5 x 30cm If you like this piece, we suggest that you may be interested to view another stunning Tuareg design Acacia wood mirror.  

Interesting fact about mirrors:

From ancient times special qualities had been given to mirrors, that no other object had. The Greek philosopher Socrates gave advice to young men to look at themselves in the mirror. Socrates suggested that those who were handsome should focus their life, by keeping their souls clean and stay away from the temptations of life that could take them on the wrong path. If however a young man would find that he is not handsome, he should compensate for his looks from his heart and get known for doing good work.



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