Vintage Red Coral and silver metal belt

This remarkable vintage belt of red Coral, has 7 silver metal panels each of which connects to 5 strands of red Coral.The metal panels each have some decorative work and are inlaid with red Coral. This is truly a unique piece. Handcrafted in Morocco and featuring traditional craftsmanship. There is some wear on the metalwork, consistent with the age of this beautiful red Coral belt. Sized to fit Australian 16-18 , US 12-14. Red coral is formed in up to a depth of 250m off the coast of Morocco, in sea water which needs to be calm, unpolluted and warm, with a high level of salinity. Red coral has long been prized for it's beauty and rarity and treasured as priceless family heirlooms. Weight: 435grams Length: 110cm


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