Vintage red Coral and Amber resin necklace

This wonderful Berber vintage necklace has red coral, amber resin, filigree silver and semi precious stone beads. It has been handcrafted in Morocco. This is a stunning piece of jewellery. Red coral is formed in up to a depth of 250m off the coast of Morocco, in sea water which needs to be calm, unpolluted and warm, with a high level of salinity.  Red coral has long been prized for it's beauty and rarity and treasured as priceless family heirlooms. Amber resin is a fossilized tree resin, which has been renowned for it's colour and beauty since Neolithic times. The Berber tribes are known for producing Moroccan amber resin beads. They were used as trade beads, as currency on the trans-Saharan trading routes. Weight: 255grams Length:55cm


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