Vintage Moroccan Mirror, octagonal shape in Camel bone

This lovely Vintage Moroccan mirror is octagonal shaped and has been decorated with brass metal beading. Crafted in cedarwood which has been overlaid with handcut pieces of Camel bone. Handcrafted in Morocco, some of the camel bone has also been decorated with tribal designs, which have been hand carved into the bone then coloured with Kohl. There is also some additional decoration on this mirror due to the useage of highlights of blue enamel in the mirror design. This is an old piece, crafted in the Atlas Mountains of North Africa, by the Berber tribes people. The design of this lovely Moroccan mirror has been inspired by elements of Moorish design, evocative of the rich heritage of Morocco. The age of this mirror is unknown. This piece exhibits some wear consistent with it's age. It really is a treasure. This is a unique decor piece. If you like this mirror, we encourage you to also look at one of our lovely jewellery chests.  It will compliment this lovely mirror in your home decor.


21 cm x 28 cm In conclusion, the mirror has been in existence almost as long as humankind. Displaying a mirror not only brings utility and beauty to living spaces, it also provides an artistic medium for expressing thought and also feeling.


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