Tribal Mirror

Moroccan Tribal Mirror – Fibula design in Acacia wood

This tribal mirror in a 'Fibula' design has been handcrafted from Acacia wood, in Morocco. Silver rosettes, crafted from Maichor silver, beaded medallions and also Berber style decorative work are featured on the mirror frame. The triangular Fibula mirror has also been crafted in the design of the Berber Fibula brooch. The fibula mirror has also been hung from a wire hook in traditional fibula style. This mirror has been handcrafted by skilled Berber craftsmen and any irregularities are in fact characteristic of a handmade item.


The metalwork on this mirror is known as Maichor silver. Maichor silver was developed in France between 1819 and 1823 by metallurgical workers from Lyons, the French Maillot and Chorier (or Chortier). "Maichor" was an abbreviation of the names of the regions in France, from where they came.


The Fibula is a traditional article of jewellery.  It is is a brooch or pin for fastening garments. The Fibula was developed in a variety of shapes but all were based on the safety-pin principle. Fibula were not only decorative but they also served a practical function, unlike most modern brooches. The Berber tribespeople used the Fibula to hold garments in place such as the Haik, the Deraa, cloaks, flowing robes and scarves. The unusual shape of this Mirror will also add an exotic touch to your home. It would be perfect to highlight a plain wall space and is certain to attract interest. The wear on this tribal mirror is indicative of it's age. Furthermore, if you like the Fibula Mirror, you may also be interested to look at another of our Acacia Mirrors.


25.5 cm x 39 cm In conclusion, mirrors have had a long and colorful journey throughout history. Today there is no home without a mirror. Mirrors have become part of our everyday routine. Both practical and unusual. Our Fibula mirror is guaranteed to create interest wherever you hang it in your home. It will also make a unique gift.



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