Table Mirror

Moroccan 2 door table mirror

Moroccan 2 door Table Mirror

This lovely Moroccan Table Mirror, with 2 doors, has been crafted in traditional Berber designs, from the wood of the Acacia tree. It features pieces of saffron dyed camel bone. The Berber people of North Africa were nomadic. Compact in size, this mirror was designed to be carried amongst the belongings of the Berber tribal women, when they moved between their summer and winter camps. The doors protected the mirror from damage and also ensured that the mirror would stand independently when in use. It has been decorated with intricately carved panels. It also features pieces of red coral and decorative metal filigree work with silver metal rosettes. The Table Mirror has been hand crafted in an Arabian Moorish style which is indicative of the Moorish influences on home decor in North Africa. This Mirror has been handcrafted and therefore any flaws are indicative of the hand made nature of this piece.


15 cm x 20.5 cm



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