Polished Camel bone and silver chest

This beautiful vintage Dowry Chest is wood, decorated with polished camel bone. Filigreed silver flowers adorn the camel bone and semi-precious stones form the centrepiece of each flower. This is a unique piece. Traditionally this would have been used as a Dowry Chest passed from mother to daughter. For centuries it has been the custom for women to bring with them on marriage not only money, but also linen, personal clothes and jewellery. These goods were packed into the Dowry chest, traditionally made of wood and decorated with bone or as richly as means would allow, to show off as a status symbol when the bride arrived at her new home. Across the middle East where homes are sparsely furnished, such a dowry chest would be placed in the womens area, where it would quietly continue to announce its status and serve as an item of practical furniture. Please contact us regarding freight. Size: 61cm x 25cm x 21cm


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