Silver mirror

Silver mirror handmade in Morocco

This pretty silver mirror has been handmade in Morocco. Silversmiths have decorated the metalwork in an ornate Arabesque style. The size is perfect for a bedroom, bathroom or also living area. This mirror would also look fabulous hung above a hall table in the foyer. Morocco is known for its artisans and the art of the silversmith is one of many crafts still practised today. Morocco is known as a top 20 global silver producer. Silver mines have been in use in the Souss-Massa-Draa region since the 1st century AD. This stylish mirror, crafted by skilled artisans in North Africa, looks simply fabulous. It is a unique piece of Moroccan craftsmanship, which is also certain to look stunning wherever you hang it in your home. This mirror would also make a unique gift for someone you love, or also a special Wedding present.


w 38 cm x 47 cm If you like this piece, we suggest that you may be interested to view one of our beautiful pieces of Objet D'Art, which would look superb with his mirror.

Interesting fact about mirrors:

From ancient times special qualities had been given to mirrors, that no other object had. The Greek philosopher Socrates also gave advice to young men to look at themselves in the mirror. Socrates suggested that those who were handsome should focus their life, by keeping their souls clean and stay away from the temptations of life that could take them on the wrong path. If however a young man would find that he is not handsome, he should compensate for his looks from his heart and get known for doing good work.  


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