Silver Jewellery Box

Ebony and pure Silver Jewellery Box

This beautiful silver jewellery box was handcrafted in North Africa. Decorated with Tuareg tribal designs and inlaid with pieces of Black Ebony. Black Ebony is one of the most valuable and expensive types of wood in the world. This gorgeous Silver box has been crafted by the Tuareg artisans in Morocco, renowned for their skills as silversmiths, the delicate geometric designs represent nature and the Sahara. This is a lovely handcrafted piece from Morocco, which would in fact look stunning on a desk or also on a dressing table. It can be used as a decorative piece in the living room or to store special pieces of jewellery. Perfect as a gift for yourslf, or someone you love. Often in times past, a bride to be may be given a jewellery box such as this before she married. These boxes or small Dowry chests were also decorated as richly as means would allow. They became a status symbol when the bride arrived at her new home. An  Ebony and Silver box such as this one would have carried her jewellery as part of her Dowry. The age of this stunning Ebony and Silver jewellery box is unknown. Age unknown.


20.5cm x 12cm x 13cm


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