Silver and gazelle horn cuff bracelet engraved with Tuareg designs

The Tuareg are famous for their stunning silver jewellery, hand etched in traditional designs. This lovely silver and gazelle horn bangle is a beautiful piece, featuring tribal designs of the Tuareg people. The Tuareg people were the craftspeople of North Africa, who produced the arms for warriors, tools for agriculture and striking jewellery such as this piece, for adornment. An engraving tool has been used by the artisan to create the geometric forms which adorn this lovely piece. The gazelle loses it's horns naturally and for centuries the tribes people in North Africa have used the horn of the gazelle in their jewellery, for trading beads and for home decoration. This is a unique piece. The age of thispiece is unknown. Weight: 36grams Circumference: 6.5cm


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