Handwoven Ottoman floor cushion t

Ottoman floor cushions (Kilim ‘Autumn’ design)

Our woollen and cotton Kilim Ottomans have been handmade in Morocco.  Kilim designs were woven on traditional wooden looms, using century old techniques. Each of our Caravanserai Trading Company's Ottoman floor cushions, wth Kilim designs are as individual as the landscape of the Atlas Mountains, from where they originate. The motifs on our Kilim Ottomans are derived from Berber tribal symbols. These symbols were used to inform, to communicate and to convey ideas. The designs on the Kilims tell the stories of their weavers and of traditions passed down from one generation to the next. Creating these designs, requires great skill and knowledge of different weaving techniques in order to create the different effects. This lovely Ottoman woven in rich 'AUTUMN' colours, will add warmth and colour to any interior. They can be used as a floor cushion, not to mention as a bed for your favourite pet or even used as a coffee table. Each Ottoman floor cushion contains a zipper to ensure filling and refilling is easy. We recommend using soft cotton or fleece rags to fill your Ottomans. In order to ensure the Ottoman will hold it's shape when filled. You can also use foam beads to fill the Ottomans. This will also ensure you have a much lighter Ottoman if it needs to be moved from room to room. For ease of packaging we sell the Ottomans unfilled. However, for pick up in Sydney are happy to provide them filled with cotton rags. Due to their handmade nature, each Ottoman may contain slight variations in colour and finish. Any slight variations in the weaving will add to the individuality of these unique tribal Ottomans. By adding some of these colourful Ottoman floor cushions, with Kilim designs to your home, they are certain to help you to create a feeling of the romance of Morocco to your home decor.




60cm x 21cm x 60cm    


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