Moroccan pendant necklace

Moroccan Tuareg Necklace (brass, copper and silver metal)

This Tuareg pendant necklace has been crafted from brass, copper and silver metal.  Known as a 'Tcherot', a talisman worn for protection by both men and women.  The Moroccan Tuareg Pendant features the traditional tribal designs of the Tuareg people. Decorated with a hand stitched leather backing. The pendant hangs from multi-strands of black leather.The pendant has been handcrafted in brass, copper and silver metal The Tuareg people were the craftspeople of North Africa. They produced the arms for warriors, tools for agriculture and striking jewellery such as this piece, for adornment. The Tuareg design on this lovely piece have been created with an engraving tool. The designs represent nature and the Sahara. Our Tuareg jewellery has been purchased from several galleries in Morocco, within the souks in Marrakech and Ouarzazate. When we choose jewellery, it is because we have fallen in love with it.  Or, because it will look perfect with the outfit we are planning to wear. There is rarely wrong jewellery, but some pieces are just more suited to an outfit than others.  This beautiful Tuarag pendant is a unique piece of tribal jewellery from Morocco. The age of this stunning pendant necklace is unknown. In conclusion, this unique piece of Moroccan jewellery is destined to make an impact whenever you where it.


104 grams


84 cm We also have another stunning Tuareg pendant necklace, in a smaller size you may like to view. This would be the perfect companion piece, which can be worn by a friend.


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