Moroccan Enameled bracelet

Moroccan Enamelled Bracelet – Jewellery box

Moroccan Enamelled Bracelet - Jewellery box

This stunning Moroccan Enamelled Bracelet is a special vintage Berber piece, that will also convert into a Jewellery box.  It has been handmade using the traditional designs of the Moroccan Berber people. To wear this piece as a cuff Bracelet, simply remove the lid and base of the Jewel Box.  The Enameled Bracelet has been set on a hinge for easy opening and closure. A strong metal pin is also used to secure the top and bottom of the Bracelet, in order to keep it closed. This Moroccan bracelet has been decorated with intricate geometric designs and flowers. In addition, the pattern of the 'eight pointed star' features in the design of this bracelet. Enamel in vibrant blue, green and orange colours  have also been used to decorate this beautiful Berber piece. This bracelet is also decorated with Filigreed silver work and silver balls. Jewellery is also multi-purpose. As in many traditional cultures, jewellery serves both practical and adornment purposes. As well as indicating the wearers wealth or social status. Moroccan Berber women traditionally stored their jewellery and personal effects in these combination Bracelet and Jewel boxes. Due to their nomadic lifestyle, they would secure the jewel box onto their clothing through a ring soldered onto the jewellery. Caravanserai Trading Company's vintage jewellery pieces were purchased from several galleries in Morocco,  from the Souks in Fez, Marrakech and Ouarzazate. We select jewellery because we have fallen in love with it.  Or, because it will look perfect with the outfit we are planning to wear. In conclusion, this is a beautiful and unique piece of vintage tribal Moroccan jewellery. It is designed to be worn or could also used as a decorative piece to display in your home.


6.5 cm x 10 cm


254 grams We also have several other vintage Berber pieces, which combine jewellery with a jewellery box, that you may be interested in.  


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