Moroccan Dowry Chest

Moroccan Dowry Chest handmade in Cedar wood.

Moroccan Dowry Chest

Our beautiful Moroccan Dowry chest has been handmade from Cedar wood. Crafted by artisans from the Atlas Mountains and decorated with polished camel bone and turquoise pieces.  This Moroccan chest also features ornate filigreed Moroccan silver work and has an elaborate latch. The latch has been handcrafted from silver, brass and copper metals. The latch also displays handcarving in the traditional style of the Tuareg silversmiths. It also includes several pieces of turquoise in the decoration on this latch. Panels of polished camel bone have been used extensively in the decoration on this lovely handmade Moroccan Dowry chest. The bone has been hand cut into panels of flowers and alternated with panels of geometric pieces of polished bone. The chest stands on four raised feet which have also been decorated with the polished bone. Traditionally this would have been used as a Dowry chest passed from mother to daughter. This is a very special piece of furniture. The Berber people being a tribal people made use of products found naturally in the desert regions of North Africa. This is why products such as this Dowry chest have adornment of camel bone as it is their way of using natural resources.

History of the Dowry Chest

Within Moroccan cultures, over centuries it has been the custom for new brides to bring with them on their marriage not only money, but also linen, personal clothes and jewellery. These goods were packed into a Dowry chest, traditionally made of wood. They were decorated ornately to show off as a status symbol when the bride arrived at her new home. Across the Middle East where homes traditionally were sparsely furnished, a chest such as this one, would have been used as a practical piece of furniture in the bedroom or living area.


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