Vintage Moroccan bracelet

Moroccan Bracelet – Trinket box

This traditional Moroccan bracelet converts to a cuff and also a trinket box.  We loved the clever idea of three uses in one. This decorative piece in vibrant blue, green, yellow and orange enamel, is enhanced with delicate filigreed silver work. A piece of Amber resin has also been set into the lid of this lovely bracelet and trinket box. It has been handcrafted in the traditional designs of the Berber people. There is some wear evident on the bracelet, which is consistent with the age of this lovely piece. Berber jewellery serves a much wider purpose than simple adornment. The jewellery a woman wears identifies her as a member of a clan or tribe, it is a sign of her wealth and it reflects cultural traditions. In conclusion, if you like this piece, we do have a larger bracelet jewellery box you may be interested in viewing.


9cm x 4cm x 6.5cm


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