Large floor size treasure chest inlaid with saffron dyed camel bone

This exquisite Antique Cedar wood chest was handcrafted in Morocco and has been inlaid with intricate camel bone and silver designs. Traditionally these chests were used as Dowry chests, passed from mother to daughter. Those with the more elaborate decoration, displayed the wealth of the family. The eight-pointed star predominantly featured on this chest, is the basis of many patterns in Moroccan design. Red coral features as centrepieces in both the flower and star designs depicted on this chest. The natural symmetry found in nature has been replicated throughout the design. There are heavy metal and inlaid bone handles on the sides and the metal latch has been decorated with camel bone, inlaid with red coral. This chest has a plain wooden back and is designed to be displayed against a wall. It has been lined with leather. Please contact us reagrding freight. Size:  57cm x 39cm x 49cm


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