Jewellery chest

Small Camel Bone Jewellery chest

This Vintage Camel bone Jewellery Chest has been hand crafted in North Africa. It can used as a decorative piece in the living room or to store special pieces of jewellery. It is also lined with a plush velvet. This beautiful Vintage Box has been hand-crafted from Cedar wood and overlaid with Camel bone in Morocco.  This unique Moroccan Vintage box has been accented with ornate brass metal trim. The camel bone has been polished. It is lined with plush velvet and the lid is also supported by a heavy metal chain. It is an elegant piece. This jewellery chest is also known as a dowry chest. It would also look stunning in an entrance foyer, living room or the bedroom to hold jewellery. Dowry chest In many parts of the world, gifts passed to a newly formed household for the new bride, the dowry, often set the tone for a marriage. Often in times past, these goods were packed into a chest. Traditionally made of wood , they were also decorated as richly as means would allow. They became a status symbol when the bride arrived at her new home. Across the Middle East, where houses were traditionally sparsely furnished, such a dowry chest would often be placed in the woman’s area, where it could continue to announce its status and serve as an item of practical furniture.


18.5cm x 11.5cm x 15cm    


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