Star and Moon Lantern

Iron Lanterns with Stars and Moon design

Stars and Moon Lanterns

Our stunning Iron Lantern, with Stars and Moon design have been handforged in wrought iron in Morocco, by skilled artisans. These wrought iron pieces have been manufactured using traditional blacksmithing methods. This lovely octagonal shaped Stars and Moon design Lantern has been decorated with hand cut-out shapes of the Moon and Stars. We personally selected the Stars and Moon Lanterns from the iron workshop from where they were handcrafted in Marrakech This lovely Lantern could be filled with candles, or also wired for electricity. Or why not be creative and fill it with ferns or even exotic plants when not in use. It can also be hung from a hook on your balcony. In addition, this lantern would also look stunning as a stand alone decorative piece in your garden. The finish on our wrought iron products is done by hand-applying the paint and giving the metal it's richness and it's unique look. In buying this Lantern, you are buying a unique hand-crafted product and not a mass produce item. In addition, we feel certain that this lovely Lantern decorated with the Stars and Moon, will help you to create the romance of Morocco, in your home, your patio or your garden.




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