Agave silk bedspread

Handmade Agave Silk Bedspread

Agave or Vegan Silk Bedspread

Our Agave silk bedspreads are also known as  Vegan silk or Sabra silk. They have been handwoven in Morocco on traditional wooden looms.  The thread is made from a silk extracted from the Agave cactus plant, grown exclusively in Morocco.  Local artisans use weaving techniques passed down through the centuries. Each Agave silk Bedspread is unique and the vibrant colours and textural quality of the silk gives each Bedspread it’s individuality. These Bedspreads would also look fabulous as a throw rug, to brighten up any living room.   [caption id="attachment_3422" align="alignright" width="295"]Handmade agave silk bedspread Old wooden loom[/caption]

Agave Silk

As we walked through the medinas in Morocco, we were intrigued to see the lengths of Agave silk drying from rods nailed into the walls of the houses. Once dried, the strands are twisted together and then dyed in a myriad of colours. Agave silk is renowned for it's beauty, it's strength and durability. Agave silk is also known as Vegan silk and the Moroccans refer to it as Sabra silk. It is a 100% vegetable silk blend extracted from the Agave  plant, which is only grown in Morocco.


Throw rug/ Double bedspread

Care Instructions:

The bedspread should be soaked in a heavy cold salt solution for an hour and in addition rinsed before washing to lock in the natural dyes. Items made of Agave silk can be washed at 30 degrees or also dry-cleaned. It is also safe to iron the Silk Bedspread on a low steam.

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