Handmade basket

Handmade Baskets with Pom poms

Multi coloured Pom Pom Baskets Our handmade market baskets have been handwoven in Morocco from natural palm fibre from the Date Palm. The date palm grows in abundance in North Africa. Palm leaf is used for basket weaving because it is durable and strong, as well as being a natural product.  Pom Poms in bright colours decorate the baskets. These baskets also have sturdy handles which are made from genuine leather These stylish Pom Pom baskets could also be carried over the shoulder. The baskets have been lined with a drawstring covering. This is perfect to keep your shopping secure, or your clothing sand free on the beach! The Pom Pom baskets are surprisingly generous in size and perfect for everyday use. Buy several of these market baskets and mix and match the Pom Poms with your outfits. Take one of these gorgeous baskets on a picnic, use them as a shopping basket, for your gym gear or even the beach. These lovely baskets can also make a practical addition to every room. Colour co-ordinate the colour scheme of the bedroom, with your Pom Pom basket. In the children's rooms why not store their toys or even their shoes in a basket? In the bathroom, our market baskets are also perfect for holding spare toilet rolls, hand towels or even your magazines. As a matter of fact, we feel that our basket with it's multi coloured Pom Poms is the perfect gift. Everyone can find a use for one of Caravanserai Trading Company's gorgeous Pom Pom Basket!


In the long run, be eco-friendly. Use our Pom Pom baskets at the Supermarket and cut down on the use of plastic bags! Save our planet.

Choosing your Pom Pom colour

  • RED —           Acts as a stimulator.
  • ORANGE — Is an uplifting colour that promotes happiness.
  • YELLOW/GOLD — Symbolizes power, stimulates health, patience and wisdom.
  • GREEN —     Represents growth and new beginnings, as well as healing and freshness.
  • BLUES-GREENS — Represent youth, new beginnings and inspire confidence.
  • DEEPER BLUES — Infuse wisdom and introspection. However, in ancient Chinese culture, this shade is a secondary mourning colour.
  • PURPLE — Inspires spirituality, adventure and prosperity.
  • BLACK —    Is a contemplative colour that encourages reflection and mystery.
  • WHITE —   Cultivates clarity, precision and also communication.
  • GREY —       Invites helpfulness and represents a harmonious union of black and white.
  • BROWN —  Offers stability and security.
  • PINK —        Represents love, romance and partnership.



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