Hand of Fatima trivet

Hand of Fatima Trivet

This is a lovely hand carved trivet or wall plaque with the design of the'Hand of Fatima'. The 'Hamsa' Hand or the 'Hand of Fatima', is also an ancient Middle Eastern amulet, which symbolises the 'Hand of God.' In all faith's the 'Hand of Fatima' is recognised as a protective sign. In addition, it is believed to bring it's owner happiness, luck, good health and also good fortune. Moroccans take pride in their craftsmanship and the intricate 'Arabesque' work on this wooden trivet, is a good example. This beautiful wooden 'Hand of Fatima' has also been hand crafted in Essaouira, Morocco. Essaouira is an area of Morocco which is also renowned for it's woodcarvers and their intricate craftsmanship. This piece has been carved from the wood of the Thuya tree, which grows in the Atlas Mountains in North Africa. The colour varies from a rich, golden brown to nearly black. When we travelled to Essaouira, we visited a local woodworking co-operative, from where we selected this beautiful piece. This piece could be used as a trivet, or as a decorative piece and hung in your home. It would be the perfect gift for a man or a woman.


w 24 x d 18 x h .05cm If you like this wooden 'Hand of Fatima', we have a wonderful selection of other Thuya wood items. Please follow the Link to view our wooden boxes.      


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