Hand of Fatima Bracelet and Jewel Box

Hand of Fatima Bracelet and Jewel box

Our stunning 'Hand of Fatima' bracelet and Jewellery Box, has been handcrafted in the traditional design of the Berber people.  For centuries, Jewellery has been prized amongst the Berber tribes of North Africa. This superb bracelet and jewel box also converts to a cuff bracelet.  It has been enamelled in vibrant blue, green, yellow and orange enamel and has ornate decorative work with filigreed silver. There is some wear evident on the silverwork, which is also consistent with the age of this special piece of jewellery. Silver was also believed to have protective powers and to ward off the evil eye. There are four symbols of the 'Hand of Fatima' which hang from this special bracelet. Each of the 'Hands of Fatima' are crafted in Moroccan silver with coloured inserts of enamel. The Hamsa Hand, or Hand of Fatima, is an ancient Middle Eastern amulet symbolizing the Hand of God. In all faiths it is a protective sign. Not to mention that it brings it's owner happiness, luck, health and good fortune. The Hand of Fatima or ‘khamsa’ is represented everywhere in Morocco, from door knockers to decorations and to jewellery. Common to the Islamic and Jewish faiths, it is also believed to ward off evil or jealousy. In addition, the hand with its five digits, is also linked to symbols of other faiths and cultures such as the five-pointed star or the pentagram. Jewellery conveyed status and wealth and pieces were passed down through generations. Berber women often receive elaborate silver jewellery from their husbands at the time of their marriage. This ensures that she has her own wealth in the event that she experience hardship, or becomes a widow. In conclusion, tribal chic, vintage charm and crafted by hand, the nomadic patterns of our silver jewellery take inspiration from the tribal people of North Africa. Each piece in our range is unique and has been selected for it’s individuality.




6.5cm x 6.5cm x 10cm If you like this beautiful piece of traditional tribal jewellery please look at other pieces we have available for purchase.


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