Horn necklace

Gazelle Horn Necklace

This unusual hand carved Gazelle Horn Necklace is designed to be a statement piece of jewellery. In shades of brown and beige, it is very light to wear and has been strung on silken cords. For centuries the tribes people in North Africa have used the horn of the gazelle in their jewellery, for use as trading beads and also for home decoration. It is light to wear and smooth to touch. Tribal chic jewellery pieces which integrate Moroccan elements,  include fossilised shell, bone and pieces like this gorgeous necklace crafted from gazelle horn. There are two species of Gazelle that are found in Morocco, the Dorcas Gazelle and also the Cuvier’s Gazelle. Both species are found in North and Saharan Africa.  Gazelle horns are traded in Morocco for decorative and medicinal purposes. We purchased our gazelle horn jewellery pieces from several galleries in Morocco, within the souks in Marrakech and Ouarzazate. In fact we choose jewellery because we have fallen in love with it.  Or because it will look perfect with the outfit we are planning to wear. There is rarely wrong jewellery, but some pieces are more suited to an outfit than others.  This rare gazelle horn necklace is a special piece of tribal jewellery, crafted in Morocco. In conclusion, this is a unique handcrafted piece of jewellery and destined to make an impact whenever you where it.  


62cm We also have several other pieces of jewellery from North Africa, crafted from the horn of the gazelle. Do look at these lovely and unique pieces.


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