Gazelle horn bracelet

Gazelle Horn and Tuareg Silver cuff bracelet

[caption id="attachment_3879" align="alignright" width="249"]Gazelle Horn and silver Cuff Bracelet Gazelle Horn with silver decoration and                    Tuareg designs[/caption] This lovely Gazelle horn and Tuareg silver cuff bracelet is a beautiful piece. It features some traditional tribal designs of the Tuareg people. The Tuareg people are famous for their stunning silver jewellery. The Tuareg people were the craftspeople of North Africa, who produced the arms for warriors, tools for agriculture and also striking jewellery such as this piece, for adornment. An engraving tool has been used to create the hand etched designs on the Moroccan silver which decorates this lovely piece. For centuries the tribes people in North Africa have used the horn of the gazelle in their jewellery. It was used in their trading beads and also for their home decoration. The combination of the gazelle horn and silver on this lovely cuff bracelet is stunning. In fact we choose jewellery because we have fallen in love with it.  Or because it will look perfect with the outfit we are planning to wear. There is rarely wrong jewellery, but some pieces are more suited to an outfit than others.  This beautiful silver and horn cuff bracelet is a unique piece of tribal jewellery from Morocc0. It also looks and feels simply fabulous to wear. The age of this striking piece is unknown.


Weight:              36grams Circumference: 6.5cm

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