Fringed shoulder bag

Atelier Nihal fringed shoulder bag

Marrakech and the surrounding areas has always had a rich tradition in weaving. Atelier Nihal have adapted the local skills and created modern fabrics and designs, using traditional weaving techniques. Our Fringed Shoulder Bag hand woven, on wooden looms in a distinctive 'Majorelle Blue' and white cotton fabric, in Morocco. [caption id="attachment_3780" align="alignright" width="350"] Fabric on a wooden loom in the Atelier Nihal factory in Marrakech[/caption] The shoulder strap of this charming bag has also been hand plaited in a vegan leather.  In addition, it features vegan leather fringing down both sides of the bag, which is soft to the touch. The 2 generous tassels on this bag have also been hand made from the soft vegan leather. The tasssles have also been accented with the same coral cotton in which the shoulder bag has been woven. All of which adds to the attention to detail which Atelier Nihal give to their bags. This pretty shoulder bag is also lined with cotton and in addition it features a pocket inside. It has a zippered closure. It is also the perfect size to take you from lunch to dinner, not too big, but big enough to hold your daily essentials.


Base     16 cm Height 20 cm Strap    129cm  

$140.00 $75.00