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Moroccan Dowry Chest

Cedarwood and Leather ChestThis beautiful Cedarwood Dowry Chest has been hand crafted in Morocco. The wood has been covered with camel leather and then decorated with filigreed copper and silver metal. The chest has been lined with leather and it has an elaborate metal lock. This is a vintage decor piece, which is evident by the wear on the leather. Traditionally this style of chest was designed to be used as a dowry or wedding chest. For centuries it had been the custom for women to bring with them on marriage not only money, but also personal effects and jewellery. These goods were placed into the Dowry chest, which was handcrafted in wood and decorated as elaborately as the family could afford. The Dowry chest often became a status symbol, when the bride arrived at her new home. This Dowry chest would have been passed down through families from mother to daughter.   This stunning chest could also be used as a decorative piece in the living room or used to store special pieces of jewellery. This is a unique wooden chest, lovely for storing your treasures and would also make a very special gift.                       It is guaranteed to make a statement wherever you choose to use it!


30cm x 18cm x 19cm.


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