Decorative teapot

Decorative Teapot handmade in Morocco

This is a lovely ceramic Decorative Teapot, handcrafted in pretty pastel colours. The teapot has been made in the Oujda region of Morocco, an area which is renowned for it's fine craftsmanship. A cream coloured glaze is applied, then the artisan has painted the teapot in a soft green, yellow and blue. After firing, it is overlaid in filigreed Moroccan silver. It also is really a very special Teapot. There are many collectors of Teapots who would love this piece. Or it would also make a unique present for that special person. Teapots are both collectable and also functional. This is a vintage piece of Moroccan craftsmanship, which we are certain you will appreciate. There is some wear evident on this Teapot, which is also characteristic of an old piece.

Collecting Teapots

Collectable teapots can range from cute designs to elaborate antiques worth thousands of dollars. There is also something for every taste in decorating, every personality in collecting and also every budget. Collections should be something to live with and enjoy, not always for future profit.


w 26 cm h 26.5 cm


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