Cotton and Agave Silk Bedspread

Cotton and Agave Silk Bedspread

Caravanserai Trading Company have a selection of cosy Cotton and Agave Silk Bedspreads which have been woven in Morocco. The artisans use weaving techniques and skills passed down from generation to generation. Handwoven on traditional wooden looms in the medina of Marrakech and made from 100% cotton and Agave silk, they make fabulous bed covers or can be used as throw rugs for sofas and chairs. Each bedspread is unique, with it's vibrant colours and textures giving each piece it's individuality.

Agave Silk

Agave silk is also known as Vegan silk and Sabra silk, the Moroccan name. The fabric is a 100% vegetable silk blend extracted from the aloe cactus grown in Morocco. Agave silk is renowned for it's beauty, it's strength and durability. We were intrigued to see the lengths of Agave Silk drying from rods nailed into the walls of houses in the medinas, before the strands are twisted together and dyed in a myriad of colours, prior to being woven into gorgeous material lengths. Items made of Agave silk can be washed at 30 degrees or dry-cleaned. It is safe to iron this bedspread on a low steam. Size: Throw/Double bed LAST ONE!

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