Moroccan Coral and Turquoise Bracelet

Coral and Turquoise Bracelet

Berber Coral and Turquoise Bracelet

This superb bracelet, crafted in Morocco, is guaranteed to make a statement. Coral and Turquoise combine with silver, to create a beautiful piece of tribal jewellery. This Coral and Turquoise Bracelet has been designed in three parts, with a square central piece and two hinged wings. Framed with fine strings of coral, each of the three pieces features turquoise and coral, cut into decorative shapes. Tribal chic, vintage charm and also crafted by hand. Moroccan Turquoise and Coral jewellery has been prized for centuries amongst the Berber tribes of North Africa. Jewellery conveyed status and wealth and pieces were passed down through generations. Silver was believed to have protective powers and to also ward off the evil eye. Berber women often received elaborate silver jewellery from their husbands at their time of marriage. This ensured that she has her own wealth in the event of hardship, or in case she should become widowed. Morocco has for many centuries been a melting pot of cultures and trading routes. As a result, many jewellery techniques were introduced by immigrant groups. Jews coming from the Middle East, were the masters of silversmithing techniques and passed their knowledge to the Berber people. Berber Amazigh jewellery is one of the best examples of unique Moroccan craftsmenship unique to the Aamazigh culture. Berber Amazigh jewellery serves a much wider purpose than simple adornment. The jewellery a woman wears identifies her as a member of a clan or tribe. It is also a sign of her wealth and it reflects cultural traditions. In addition, it was believed that Berber Jewellery had the power to protect the wearer from the evil eye. If you like this piece of tribal jewellery, do look at our other pieces of Coral and Turquoise Jewellery. Follow the link.


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