Coral and Amber necklace

This wonderful Berber vintage necklace is composed from red coral, amber resin, filigree silver and semi precious stone beads. It has been handcrafted in Morocco. This is a stunning coral and amber necklace. Jewellery conveyed status and wealth amongst the Berber people and pieces were passed down through generations. Silver was also believed to have protective powers and to ward off the evil eye. The red coral was formed in up to a depth of 250 m off the coast of Morocco. It is found in sea water which needs to be calm, unpolluted and warm, with a high level of salinity.  Red coral has long been prized for it's beauty and rarity. Jewellery made from red coral has also been treasured as priceless family heirlooms. Amber resin is a fossilized tree resin, which has been renowned for it's colour and beauty since Neolithic times. The Berber tribes are known for producing Moroccan amber resin beads. They were used as trade beads, as currency on the trans-Saharan trading routes. We choose jewellery because we have fallen in love with it.  Or because it will look perfect with the outfit we are planning to wear. There is rarely wrong jewellery, but some pieces are more suited to an outfit than others.  This beautiful Berber coral and amber resin necklace is a unique piece of tribal jewellery. It is guaranteed to make a statement whenever you wear it. In addition, we also have another gorgeous red coral necklace, which you may like to view.  


255 grams


55 cm


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