Coloured stone necklace

Coloured stone necklace with Amber resin beads

Necklace of coloured beads, with additional Amber resin beads, has been handmade in Morocco. Multi strands of red coral, turquoise and other gemstones feature in this coloured stone necklace.  Three Amber resin beads anchor the multiple strands of beads in this unique piece of Berber tribal jewellery. Berber jewellery is one of the best examples of unique Moroccan craftsmenship unique to the Aamazigh culture. Berber jewellery serves a much wider purpose than simple adornment. The jewellery a woman wears identifies her as a member of a clan or tribe. It is also a sign of her wealth and it reflects cultural traditions. Also it was believed that Berber Jewellery had the power to protect the wearer from the evil eye. If you like this piece of tribal jewellery, do look at our other pieces of our unique Moroccan Jewellery. Follow the link.    


Length of beads: 62g Total length including string: 97cm Weight: 339g


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