Beni Ourain rug

Beni Ourain Rug

Our Beni Ourain rug is made from 100% naturally coloured sheep wool. The woollen rugs are renowned for their warmth and luxurious feel. The long shaggy pile of natural sheep's wool feels wonderful under bare feet.

Beni Ourain tribes

Rugs have been woven by the indigenous people of Morocco since the Paleolithic Era. Traditionally, Moroccan rugs have been woven by tribal peoples for their utility rather than for decorative purposes. Our Beni Ourain rug are made from 100% natural coloured sheep wool. These traditional Berber rugs have been expertly hand woven on old looms by Beni Ourain tribes from the Atlas Mountains near Taza in Morocco. In the Atlas Mountains a special sheep, an ancient breed with the finest wool can be found.  These smaller sheep produce the excellent high quality wool that make a Beni Ourain rug. The natural ivory sheep's wool that covers the sheep's body, with the pattern woven from the finer wool on the animal's head. These distinctive rugs are usually woven by the Berber woman who incorporate elements of their daily lives into the designs. Berber women usually weave these rugs they incorporate elements of their lives into the geometric designs. The lives of their makers are all part of the process. They creatively infuse elements from their lives into the designs. These can be references to natural events. Sometimes you’ll see aspects of daily life, birth, fertility, nature and femininity. The stories of rural life and personal beliefs emerge. Each Beni Ourain rug selected is unique and will help you to create a modern nomadic feel for your home. Size: 83cm x 1.3m


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