Antique Ceramic Tuareg Pitcher

Tuareg decoration on vintage ceramic Pitcher

This gorgeous blue and white Antique ceramic Tuareg pitcher, has been crafted in North Africa. It features a fertility design. The pitcher was crafted in the 19th century by the Tuareg artisans. It is between 150 and 190 years old and it would have been used as a pitcher to hold water or oil. The Tuareg people were known as the craftspeople of North Africa. Traditionally, it was the Tuareg artisans who produced the jewellery, arms for the warriors, tools for agriculture and beautiful decor pieces such as this antique pitcher, for the home. This lovely pitcher has been decorated with elaborate bands of copper and brass. There is further decoration with silver rosettes. The brass panels have also been hand carved with Tuareg tribal designs. In addition, there are shields of copper and brass which are also carved with Tuareg symbols, representing fertility and nature. The ceramic handles of this pitcher have been decorated with strips of engraved brass. Elaborate silver beading highlights the brass and copper metal strips on both handles. The neck of this antique Moroccan ceramic pitcher, has been decorated with hand engraved brass panels and copper shields. In addition, the copper shields have also been carved into an 'hour glass shape' which represents the shapely female form. It would have been crafted as a fertility piece. This beautiful ceramic pitcher with it's fine Tuareg craftsmanship, would look stunning in any home. In conclusion, this antique ceramic Tuareg pitcher is a unique heirloom piece.


  • Circumference 65cm
  • H 35cm


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