Patio Furniture

Moroccan Patio furniture

Create the romance of Morocco and the magic of the Souk in your home and garden. With the addition of our Moroccan iron patio furniture. We personally selected this range, from the iron foundry where they were handcrafted in Marrakech. This collection has been designed for exposure to sunlight, rain and extreme temperatures.  Hand crafted and hand painted, this furniture range has been manufactured using traditional blacksmithing methods.

It includes the stylish ‘Scorpion’ outdoor chairs complete with bold striped cushions, designed for relaxation. There are also lovely iron side tables 30 and 40cm diameter, which have been designed with stylish Moorish scrollwork. In addition, we have a striking range of iron outdoor Lanterns which range in height to 2m tall. They have been designed to be filled with candles or are easily fitted with a spot light. Or, why not be creative and fill them with ferns or exotic plants.

Artisans skilled in wrought ironwork, have decorated these attractive Lanterns with hand-cut motifs. These lanterns are available in traditional Moorish designs or also decorated with the star and moon motifs. These lanterns are certain to bring that magic of Morocco into your garden. As well as to your patio, your poolside, or even your conservatory.

There are also vintage-style iron birdcages, which are pieces of decoration that will add charm to any décor. Either as a stand alone piece, or would look lovely hung with candles or plants inside.

Care instructions

Over time, iron furniture can rust and become worn down by the elements. Particularly when you live by the sea. Surface rust can be removed by simply using steel wool and a mild detergent. However, if the paint finish has been damaged, firstly remove the flaking paint and rust. Next step is to sand it with sandpaper. Then, use a rust resistant primer from your hardware store to treat the ironware and select a paint made for outdoor use.

With a little care, it is easy to keep your iron furniture looking great for the next generation!