Objet D’Art

Morocco is a mystical country filled with a unique culture. The rich colours of North Africa, it’s traditional patterns and unique Moroccan decorations are used to create our Objet DÁrt. Leather, camel bone, turquoise and red coral have been applied to glazed ceramic tajines, vases and pitchers. Then they are trimmed with brass, copper and filigree silver in order to create unique works of art.

In addition, we have a selection of stunning Dowry chests and jewellery boxes have been crafted using traditional techniques. The Dowry chest was used by the new bride to store the linen and jewellery, which she would take from her ome on her wedding day. We have ornate Dowry chests handcrafted in acacia or cedarwood and decorated with filigree metalwork or camelbone. Some also have the semi precious stones of Turquoise or Coral set into the Dowry chests.

Our Objet D’Art also includes stools and side tables, ornately decorated with filigree metal work and camel bone. We also have several amazing silver cuff bracelets, with top and base, which convert into a jewellery box. Decorated with ornate Moroccan silver and enamel work, they are really lovely pieces of art.

These beautiful Objet D’Art from Morocco could be destined to become  family heirlooms. Pieces which can be passed down through your family for generations.