Moroccan Homewares

We have a beautiful selection of unique Moroccan Homewares and gifts to inspire you. Our range includes:


Morocco is bounded by an ocean, a sea and a desert, split by mountain ranges, caravan trails, steppe-like plateaus, coastal plains and the Sahara.

In addition Morocco  has a rich and unique culture, displayed in their traditional arts and ancient crafts. The dramatically-contrasting landscape mirrors an ethnic cultural mix of tribal Berbers and Tuareg people, Arabs and Africans intermingling with Muslim, Jewish and Christian influences.

These cultural influences are also reflected in the beautiful and practical objects of extraordinary workmanship. The bright and bold patterns are created by a proud people.

Our love for Morocco has inspired us to bring to you a selection of our favourite pieces. We know you will appreciate them for their individuality being created by hand.

When you are decorating your home, you will find that our Moroccan Homewares suit either traditional or modern decor. By adding a Moroccan chest, rug or lantern, handmade cotton blanket/throw they will fit in beautifully.