Our mirrors have been selected from throughout Morocco. The collection includes vintage and modern styles.

Traditional mirrors have been crafted in the Berber and Tuareg style, in Acacia and Cedar woods with metal inlay and intricate designs. There is a ‘Fibula’ shaped mirror which represents the Fibula brooch worn by Berber women. We have in the collection a stunning mirror with ornate silver work and inlaid with pieces of rich, green Malachite. There is also a selection of Camel Bone mirrors, including polished camel bone and camel bone dyed with saffron. The camel bone mirrors also have the addition of semi-precious stones or kohl decoration, to make them more unique.

In our collection there are also several pieces that feature two doors. This enhances the drama of the mirror, leaving the doors either open or closed. These are handcrafted from wood and decorated with leather, filigree metalwork and also saffron dyed camel bone.

Our wooden mirrors are crafted from Acacia and Cedar wood timbers, which grow in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco. These have been decorated with coloured glass and camel bone, silver and metal filigree, leather and also semi-precious stones. There is certainly something to appeal to every taste in our range.