Moroccan Traditional Berber and Tuareg Jewellery

The major characteristic of Moroccan crafted jewellery is that that they are made by hand, using traditional methods and tools.Amongst our jewellery range are flamboyant Berber heavy solid silver bracelets with etched designs and often also embellished with coral and amber beads.

Silversmithing has been both a major Islamic and Berber art-form for hundreds of years, used in the creation of matching sets of jewellery, bracelets, earrings, fibulas, belts, arm and foot bangles and necklaces, sometimes embellished with semi-precious stones or studs inlaid with enamels. Our unique range will introduce you to silver combined with beautiful corals and amber, amber resin and bone, turquoise and amazonite, traditional jewellery from North Africa.

We have several pieces of jewellery with Tuareg designs etched into the silver metal, some with geometrical designs, daggers and knives or with flower-shaped motifs.