Boho bags

We have some colourful Boho bags handmade in Morocco. Using beads and tassels to create traditional Berber designs, these fabulous Boho bags really appealed to us. After all, why should we all carry the same labelled leather bags?

Our first Boho range of stunning and unique handcrafted leather bags includes:

  • Stylish Leather tote bags with fringing;
  • Vintage lambskin bags decorated with colourful beads, fringing and tassels;
  • Metallic shoulder bags decorated with beads and semi-precious stones.

Our very chic boho bag collection is both exciting and colourful. Reminiscent of 1960’s hippy style, these supple leather bags with their beads and fringing are eye catching. Destined to make a fashion statement whenever you wear them, each piece is handmade and therefore unique.

Being handcrafted, there may be slight imperfections in the leather or beadwork, but these characteristics determine a handmade piece.

We know you will enjoy using one of these unique Moroccan Boho bags.

Care for your product:

Store your bag in a well-lit area. Because this is an all-natural product and it can develop mould if left in a cold and dark place.