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Chouara Tannery

Leather shopping in Fez

Leather shopping in Fez. Where should we go to buy leather goods we asked our guide Moh from Berber Treasures ?  Wait until we reach Fez he answered and we were pleased we did! Fez is known as the artisanal capital of Morocco. It is a city that remains rooted to it’s rich past, a city […]

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The pleasure in being a collector

The pleasure in being a Collector.

Collecting may be a lifelong pursuit or a passion that begins in adulthood. Collecting has been described as an intellectual pleasure, as the more research you undertake on each piece in your collection, makes you more of an expert on the subject. Collecting can become addictive! You may find yourself searching antique shops and galleries, […]

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Potts Point Galleries

The Potts Point Galleries experience

The Potts Point Galleries  Sydney, Shop 21, 67 Macleay Street Potts Point is on the eastern fringe of Sydney. Potts Point is home to an eclectic mix of creative souls, entrepreneurs and also a surprising number of singles who love the proximity to the city hub.  Nearby are numerous theatres, galleries and beautiful beaches. Trendy chrome […]

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A fun month of markets

A fun month of Markets!

A fun month of Markets. When we first had the idea of setting up Caravanserai Trading Company, the plan was that it would be purely an online business.  We hadn’t initially considered Markets. After the fun of being at our Paddington Pop Up shop in August and September, it was decided to trial the Christmas […]

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Pop Up in Paddington

Paddington Pop Up

The idea of opening a “Pop Up” shop was exciting! After much searching, we selected a shop on William Street in trendy Paddington. On the cutest street filled with charming terrace houses, with wrought iron front fences and overhead balconies which display window boxes filled with colour. The majority of houses have been converted into […]

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Marrakech- Our journey continues!

Our journey continues…  The name Marrakech is a Berber name, meaning ‘Land of God’.  Marrakech is known as a great trading centre. The old city or medina, of Marrakech is encircled by red ramparts (walls) 2 metres thick and 8 – 9 metres high, which date back to the 12th century. This medina is home to some […]