Marrakech – Our journey continues!

Our journey continues…  The name Marrakech is a Berber name, meaning ‘Land of God’. Marrakech is known as a great trading centre. The old city or medina, of Marrakech is encircled by red ramparts (walls) 2 metres thick and 8 – 9 metres high, which date back to the 12th century. This medina is also home to some of the best souks in Morocco, which produce beautiful leatherwork, woodwork and carpets.

Marrakech - The journey continues
Marrakech medina

We walked through the maze of alleyways, past a myriad of stalls selling beautiful lamps for the ceiling and tables in copper, brass and silver. We visited workshops where craftsmen were cutting, shaping and stitching the leather slippers known as Babouches and we saw many stalls selling these gorgeous slippers.

Quality varies depending on the type of leather used. We were tempted by babouches in the softest leather in every colour of the rainbow. Some were decorated with pom poms, with tassels and even bejewelled and we each selected several pairs to bring home for the family.

For beautiful tailored clothes and leather goods, linen kaftans, jackets and dresses which are hand made and hand embroidered, we recommend you visit Nawal at her lovely boutique AYA’S in the Mellah in Marrakech. Nawal proudly showed us photos of celebrities who had also shopped with her. These include Sarah Jessica Parker, Hugh Jackman and also the British Royal, Princess Michael of Kent. I couldn’t resist buying several jackets from Nawal.  We also could not resist some of her handmade tote bags and the leather and silk tassels.

Marrakech the journey continues
Marjorelle Gardens

We took time out from the bustling Marrakech streets and also visited the gorgeous Majorelle Gardens.  With walls painted in dazzling cobalt blue paint and bright daffodil yellow, which contrast with the green oasis. The Majorelle Gardens are a botanical garden and museum in the centre of Marrakech. The former home of Yves Sant-Laurent and where his ashes were scattered. The gardens were also gifted to the city of Marrakech on his death.  We had never seen cacti quite like the collection in this garden! It really is well worth spending an hour or so there.

Marrakech - the journey continues
Djemaa el-Fna Square

As the sun begins to set, the place to be in Marrakech is Djemaa el-Fna Square. The mood changes as the square changes from a bustling market square during the day, to open air food stalls. Entertainers and musicians and also snake charmers, add to the ambience. The people of Marrakech congregate in the square after dark to shop and meet friends. Whilst the tourists mingle in the crowds, to watch the procession go by. The smells of the flaming grills, roasting snails and the sounds of local bands mesmorised us. We returned to the square each night we were in Marrakech. Enjoying our dinner at the food stalls, sipping glasses of mint tea and also wandering amongst the wonderful chaos that is Marrakech after dark.

After walking back to our Riad, our traditional Moroccan hotel, along the narrow alleyways, we were happy to fall into bed. It had been an exhausting but also exhilarating time in Marrakech, exploring and shopping!

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