The timelessness of Black and White

Only a ferry ride from Europe, Morocco is a bridge between the Western and the Islamic worlds. Morocco is Africa and the Middle East rolled into one. A place where artisans still create designs by hand, relying on their imagination instead of a computer. Even in this country of colours, we found that Black and White is one trend that never goes out of fashion in decor. We purposely hand selected black and white ceramics in Fez, as a great choice for everyday dining and casual entertaining. Each piece is individually handcrafted, so no two pieces are identical. The stunning black on white ceramics, have been crafted in bold geometric designs and ornate Moorish patterns. This is a throw back to the history of Morocco, when it was controlled by Portugal and Spain and ceramic artists taught the Moroccans the elaborate scrollwork used to embellish their designs. Our collection ranges from mini tagine sets to hold salt and cumin for the table, to generous sized platters, salad bowls and trinket boxes. All pieces are dishwasher and ovenproof, to suit our busy modern lifestyle. Using black and white in your decorating will always make a statement and leave an impression. We have a number of mirrors which been handcrafted from cedar wood and beautifully decorated with camel bone in both black and natural bone. Circles, squares and bold angular designs, are also incorporated into our Moroccan mirrors. The hand-carved circular designs in the camel bone are dyed with black kohl. All our mirrors have accents of filigreed metal, in brass or silver, which highlights the black and white. From simple rectangular shapes to more elaborate Arabian style, our mirrors are unique pieces which are destined to become heirlooms. Our white and black Beni Ourain rugs have been handwoven on traditional looms by women in the Middle Atlas Mountains, as a way to supplement the household income. Natural sheeps wool has been woven with diamonds or irregular geometric designs, in black wool. Now found in homes around the globe, the soft woollen Beni Ourain rugs with their simplistic Berber designs, will compliment most decors. We have also incorporated black into our jewellery collection, with tribal necklaces of black and white beads; earrings of black Ebony wood and silver and gorgeous Cuff bracelets of gazelle horn and silver. Really something special. Every piece purchased for Caravanserai Trading Company, was hand selected by us and we hope that you will find our Moroccan treasures will come to be significant in your lifestyle.

The Timelessness of Black and White