Black and White

The timelessness of Black and White

Black and White, always in fashion!

Black and White has been used in Moroccan ceramic design, decor and fashion for centuries. As a consequence, Black and White continues to add that dramatic element to aspects of modern day lives.

Morocco is only a ferry ride from Europe and a bridge between the Western and Islamic worlds. Morocco is Africa and the Middle East rolled into one. As a result it became a place where artisans still create designs by hand, relying on their imagination instead of the computer.

Black and White Ceramics

Historically, Morocco was under the rule of Portugal and Spain from the 1400’s. Ceramic artists from Europe taught the Moroccans the elaborate scrollwork used to embellish their designs. The elaborate Moorish designs are still evident in the ceramics, ornate wrought iron work, tiles and architecture found in Morocco today.

Caravanserai Trading Company’s Black and White ceramic collection was handcrafted in the city of Fez. The ceramics selected predominantly feature black on a brilliant white background, making them versatile pieces for your interior decor.

The Timelessness of Black and White
Black and White tagine

The range includes:

  • mini Tagine sets for salt and cumin
  • trinket boxes,
  • generous sized platters,
  • salad bowls and
  • large Tagines for cooking

Fez ceramics reflect the ancient artistic traditions of the city.

The clay used in Fez is fine and white. The glazed patterns on the ceramics are intricate, incorporating borders, bold geometric motifs and floral designs.

Finally, all ceramic pieces are  dishwasher and ovenproof, hence suitable for your busy modern lifestyle.

Black and White in decorating will always make a statement and is guaranteed to leave an impression.


Black and White Mirrors

Our collection of stunning Black and White vintage Mirrors  have been handcrafted from Cedar and Acacia woods. They have also been beautifully decorated with polished camel bone and filigreed metalwork.

Camel bone mirror


The natural bone has also been dyed with black in order to achieve the stunning effects.

Circles, squares and bold angular designs are also incorporated into our Moroccan Mirrors. The hand-carved designs          in the camel bone have been coloured with black kohl.

All the mirrors have accents of filigreed metal, in either brass or silver, highlighting the Black and White.

From simple rectangular shapes to more elaborate Arabian style, the Black and White Mirrors are unique.

Most of all, these pieces are destined to become family heirlooms.





Beni Ourain rugs
Beni Ourain rug

Beni Ourain rugs

Our Black and White Beni Ourain Rugs have been handwoven on traditional wooden looms. The Berber                          women from the Middle Atlas Mountains, have woven rugs in the same designs, for hundreds of years.

Originally these rugs were woven as blankets to provide warmth due to the cold winters. Today they are also                    woven as a way to supplement the household income. Naturally coloured sheeps wool has been woven using                      black wool as a contrast. Traditionally the patterns woven are of diamonds or of irregular geometric designs and               create these stunning effects.

The soft woollen Beni Ourain rugs with their simplistic Berber designs, are certain to compliment all decors.

Consequently, these rugs are now found in homes around the globe.

Black and White Moroccan Jewellery

The Caravanserai Trading Company Jewellery range is unique and also something really special. Morocco is known for its artisans and the art of the jeweller or silversmith is one of many crafts still practiced today.

Gazelle horn bracelet

Our Jewellery collection also incorporates the black and white theme. Our Tribal necklaces of black and white beads have been handpainted with traditional Tuareg designs.

Earrings of black Ebony wood and Moroccan silver have been handcrafted by Tuareg silversmiths. The silver has been carved with designs which depict nature and also the Sahara. There are also gorgeous Cuff bracelets crafted from the horn of the gazelle. These Cuff bracelets have also been decorated with Moroccan silver, carved in intricate Tuareg designs.

In addition, every piece of jewellery purchased by Caravanserai Trading Company has been hand selected.

We feel certain that your  Moroccan jewellery will play a significant role in your lifestyle and that of future generations.


In conclusion, by introducing Black and White into your lifestyle, you will be safe in the knowledge that Black and White is one trend that never goes out of fashion.

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