The pleasure in being a collector

The pleasure in being a Collector.

Collecting may be a lifelong pursuit or a passion that begins in adulthood.

Collecting has been described as an intellectual pleasure, as the more research you undertake on each piece in your collection, makes you more of an expert on the subject. Being a Collector can become addictive! You may find yourself searching antique shops and galleries, gift shops and online dealers in order to add to your collection. In Sydney, visit the Potts Point Galleries at 67 Macleay Street Potts Point, for inspiration to help you in being a Collector.

If you are not planning a single collection, buy pieces that appeal to you, not because they are a bargain.  Collecting can become a quest which will never be complete.

Take pride in being a collector. Collections are to be seen, not hidden away. It is not important what you collect, or the size of the collection. The pleasure is in viewing and admiring each item and recalling memories of how it came to be a part of your life.

Jewellery boxes, vintage Dowry chests and Trinket boxes

Trinket boxes
Trinket boxes

In our range of Moroccan goods, we have a wonderful selection of Jewellery boxes, vintage Dowry chests and Trinket boxes. Any of these will form the start of a collection. As these pieces are one-off, you know you are buying something original and a piece that has been crafted with care. Time, skill and experience go into crafting each item.

Trinket boxes in metal or silver may be decorated with semi precious stones, beads or coloured enamels, or carved with Tuareg tribal symbols which represent nature or the Sahara desert. They start in size from 2 cm round boxes, big enough for stud earrings and increase in size from there. Group a collection of round trinket boxes in different sizes together and they are guaranteed to create interest. You are not restricted to one colour scheme, have fun and mix and match the colours on your trinket boxes to create an interesting display.

Trinket boxes

Trinket boxes are not restricted to round shapes, we also have a selection in square and rectangular shapes and even triangular silver metal boxes from different regions in Morocco. Some pieces may be imperfect, a characteristic of their age, but that can add to their charm and collectability. Add to your collection with pieces from other countries and even ask friends to bring back a trinket box from their overseas trips. Trinket boxes are easy to carry and a collection can be started quite inexpensively.

Dowry chests and Jewellery boxes
Dowry chests and Jewellery boxes

Dowry chests and Jewellery boxes

Our vintage Dowry chests and Jewellery boxes, are crafted from acacia or cedar wood and are decorated with camel bone and semi precious stones such as coral and turquoise. Each piece is unique and we feel certain they will give you great pleasure as both practical and beautiful additions to any collection. By giving a special piece to family or friends, you ensure they have an opportunity to start their own collections.

Collecting can be associated with positive emotions. It is exciting to search for a piece and we experience happiness when we add to our collection. Newer manufactured pieces are known as Collectables, Antiques are items over 100 years old and Vintage refers to older collectables.

It is important to reward yourself from time to time by adding to your collection and ensure you take pleasure in what you collect.

Remember that your collection will never desert you and the pleasure you receive from it, is ongoing. A bonus to being a Collector is that your collection is likely to become more valuable in time.

At Caravanserai Trading Company, we would love to help you build up your collection and can assist you by obtaining special pieces from Morocco.

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