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The pleasure in being a collector

The pleasure in being a Collector.

Collecting has been described as an intellectual pleasure. The more research you undertake on each piece in your collection, will also make you more of an expert on the subject. Collecting can become addictive! You may find yourself searching antique shops and galleries, gift shops and online dealers in order to add to your collection. In Sydney, visit the Potts Point Galleries at 67 Macleay Street Potts Point, for inspiration to help you in being a Collector.

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Paddington Pop up

Paddington ‘Pop Up’ Shop

The idea of opening a “Pop Up” shop was exciting! After much searching, we selected a shop on William Street in trendy Paddington. On the cutest street filled with charming terrace houses. Wrought iron front fences and overhead balconies which display window boxes filled with colour, added to the charm. The majority of houses have been converted into trendy clothing and shoe boutiques, hair salons, a chocolatier and a gorgeous florist. A few of the houses are still private residences and we loved being greeted by the locals as we walked up the street to work each day, which made us feel a part of the Paddington community. The house at number 19 also offered a lovely space for us to present our first collection from Morocco.

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Marrakech – Our journey continues!

Our journey continues…  The name Marrakech is a Berber name, meaning ‘Land of God’.  Marrakech is also known as a great trading centre. The old city or medina, of Marrakech is also encircled by red ramparts (walls) 2 metres thick and 8 – 9 metres high, which date back to the 12th century. This medina is home to some of the best souks in Morocco, which produce beautiful leatherwork, woodwork and carpets.