Amber and Amber Resin, unique and authentic with remarkable healing properties.

We love Amber and Amber resin! We love the feel of the stone and the transparency of pure Amber. There is nothing quite like the feel of wearing an Amber necklace so light it almost floats on your neck. Lindy and I both have several Amber necklaces purchased from Austria and Russia and have added beautiful Moroccan

Life is an Adventure – Our Moroccan Sojourn.

Life is an Adventure. We need to make the most of every moment and every opportunity we have been given. At short notice we decided the time was right to return to Morocco. Our goal this trip was to visit parts of Morocco that we were eager to explore. In search of tribal Jewellery and Objet d’Art, we enjoyed visiting new cities and having wonderful new experiences.

Searching for the unique and the unusual

Morocco is a mystical country steeped in unique culture and landscape. A land full of surprises and of ancient wonders. We wanted to experience the craftsmen in their workshops. Wandering the labyrinth of narrow alleyways in the busy Souks, we saw a treasure trove of wonderful artisan made goods.