Welcome to Caravanserai Trading Company!
We are excited to bring our love of Morocco to you through our online store. Morocco was colonised by both the French and the Spanish and is an exotic place, with a magical, other-world feel. Walking the souks and meeting local craftsmen, we took the road less travelled to discover interesting ....
The Timelessness of Black and White
Only a ferry ride from Europe, Morocco is a bridge between the Western and the Islamic worlds. Morocco is Africa and the Middle East rolled into one. A place where artisans still create designs by hand, relying on their imagination instead of a computer.   Even in this country of col....
The Potts Point Gallery
Potts Point, on the eastern fringe of Sydney, is home to an eclectic mix of creative souls, entrepreneurs and a surprising number of single women - who love the proximity to the city hub and nearby theatre, galleries and beaches. Trendy chrome and glass mixes with terraced houses and gracious a....