Our Journey Continues

Our journey continues! 2017 was an extraordinary year for Caravanserai Trading Company. For family reasons and for business, Lindy and I shared an exciting year of travel. Visiting Vietnam, The Netherlands, Italy, Sweden, Russia, Hong Kong and also New Zealand, the UAE and of course Morocco. Our journey continues! As a result we have introduced

How to choose unique Moroccan beads and gems

Choosing colours is often the hardest part of designing jewellery. Part personal taste and also part matching an outfit, or the occasion. If you like colours, then they are the right colours for you.  The contrasting colours of Turquoise and Amber or Coral compliment one another and are combined to create our unique Moroccan beads. We

Amber and Amber Resin, unique and authentic with remarkable healing properties.

We love Amber and Amber resin! We love the feel of the stone and the transparency of pure Amber. There is nothing quite like the feel of wearing an Amber necklace so light it almost floats on your neck. Lindy and I both have several Amber necklaces purchased from Austria and Russia and have added beautiful Moroccan